Wednesday, October 22, 2014

THIS is True Love

It will never be the same between you and I
The moment you opened your mouth, you changed our lives
Why did you make that fatal mistake?
What made you decide to take it all away?

You made me fall for you right off the bat
I had no intention of loving, but you changed all of that
I was fine without you, no doubt that I was
In fact I was dandy, and you weren't even a plus

It started with that day out on the lawn
You said I looked lovely and told someone else you thought I'd be fun
To bed you took me as soon as you could
I never knew that was the only intention you had for good

At the moment I just wanted to play
Boys had never affected me much anyway
As strong as I was and as tough minded as I had been
No one could warn me of the trouble I was in

All I craved for months on end
Was to be with you, see you, and please you as more than a friend
I couldn't focus on school work at all
I didn't realize that my life had changed for good that fall

For now, I can never seem to love again
Not you or anyone, not nearly as much as I did back then
So thank you for all of that, you dirty scum
I think I hate you now, for all that you've done.

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