Monday, October 6, 2014

Sincerely, Broken and Repaired Me

Dear You, The Hopeless Who,

You've been through enough. You've been around the block. You've had far too many strike outs in life. When will you be done? When will life begin?
More than anything, when will you find someone who understands you?
I can't answer most of that. But I will tell you that I understand. I've been there. I've had enough, seen that block, striked out more than it takes to lose two games of life. I get it.

I understand pain and hurt, more than I ever wished I had to.
I understand the pain of an athlete that will never have what it takes to be good.
I understand the pain a student's brain goes through that just doesn't have what it takes.
I understand the pain of embarrassment for doing the wrong thing, saying the wrong thing.
I understand the pain of love, of love lost, of unconditional and unreturned love.
I understand what it's like to feel like no one understands at all.

I'm here to take your hand, to be your guiding force, to tell you that you're not alone.
You'll never be alone.

Broken and Repaired Me