Saturday, July 11, 2015

I AM ME...but WHY and HOW

Dear Followers,

I have decided to start a segments of "I AM's" on this blog. One reason is because I've had a dry season when it comes to writing (which is weird, because I love to write) but also because I have learned a lot of new things about myself...or even discovered new ways to evaluate myself, very recently. Throughout my childhood, adolescence and even young adulthood, I (and I think everyone else) have always been taught to ask the "Who?'s" and the "What?'s", the "When?'s"and the "Where?'s" about EVERYTHING...except ourselves. And after 20 years of asking those questions about the world, I think that I'm ready to ask myself those questions...about me.

Now I've left out the two most important questions in the entire world on purpose:  "Why?" and "How?". Now these questions are a little more difficult to answer and explain sometimes, but we now have the knowledge, science and technology to start asking these questions...about EVERYTHING in our lives...and that includes our own individual lives. I believe that by asking the "Why" and "How" questions about myself, I can hopefully help myself, and my followers, understand the way in which we see and experience the world in our own individual lives.

As a warning to my followers, I AM going to be honest about who I AM. But I want to work through these difficult topics/questions to help understand who I AM with the help of my fellow friends and family and all the caring people in this world. In turn, I hope each one of you will ask yourselves the same questions of yourselves, honestly. It doesn't have to be in the public, like I'm planning on doing, but maybe in your own heart, you can understand why you feel the way you feel and live the way you live and how you came to that lifestyle or mindset in the first place.

Please do not be offended by anything I write on here...and if you are, just don't read it. If you want to ask me personal questions about what I end up writing about, message me on Facebook. If you have a strong opinion about some of these topics (for or against or whatever), throw them at me in a reply to these blogs or on a comment on Facebook. All I ask for is honesty, not harassment or judgement.

Love to all,