Tuesday, January 21, 2014


The newest and critically-acclaimed best Disney movie since The Lion King is Frozen. Frozen, directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, is the story of two royal sisters whose relationship is damaged by lies that are kept in order to keep people safe. The character Elsa has magical powers that enable her to freeze anything she touches or sets her mind to. In the beginning of the movie, Elsa's younger sister, Anna, knows about her powers and enjoys them with her. However, after a terrible accident, the sister's parents are forced to erase Anna's memory of Elsa's powers and Elsa is told to keep her powers a secret from everyone. After years of Elsa hiding away and distancing herself from her sister, the parents of the two girls die, leaving Elsa queen of the land. Elsa accidentally ends up exposing her powers to the entire kingdom and sends the whole place into a terrible winter. The rest of the movie is Anna’s journey to find her sister through the storm to help save their kingdom and bring back their queen.
One theme that is portrayed in this movie is forgiveness. The characters in Frozen interact with each other in a way that sometimes requires forgiveness.
The relationship between Anna and Elsa deals a lot with forgiveness, especially on Anna’s part. Anna spends most of her childhood by herself because her sister decides to hide herself away. When she finally interacts with Elsa, Anna is very forgiving of her sister for ignoring her all of those years. Anna is also very forgiving of her sister when Elsa freezes the whole kingdom with her powers and even when Elsa freezes Anna’s heart. Elsa also experiences forgiveness at the end of the movie. Elsa is stricken with guilt after the accident with her sister, which almost kills Anna. This guilt follows her throughout her entire life, even into adulthood. When she finds out that she has frozen the kingdom and can’t figure out how to make the harsh snow storm stop, she again feels guilty. At the end of the movie, Elsa forgives herself for the things she had no control over in the first place. 
There are several other characters in Frozen that experience forgiveness but Elsa and Anna portray this theme of the movie the best.